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Trolly AI is an AI-powered tool that helps users create professional SEO articles 2x faster, by leveraging the power of AI. With features like auto SEO optimization, grammar checker, bulk article generator, and in-article images & videos, Trolly AI saves users time and effort in producing high-quality content. Users can also access various output styles and write in over 20 languages. Trolly AI offers team access and integrates with popular automation tools like Zapier. With its optimized backend, Trolly AI aims to help users achieve high SEO scores at a cost-effective price, making it a valuable tool in the market.


  • Auto SEO optimization
  • Grammar checker
  • Bulk article generator
  • In-article images & videos
  • 10+ output styles
  • 20+ languages
  • API access
  • Zapier automation
  • Team access

Use Cases

  • Creating professional SEO articles
  • Saving time and effort in writing content
  • Generating large quantities of articles
  • Automating content generation and integration with other tools

Suited For

  • Content writers
  • SEO professionals
  • Digital marketers
  • Businesses with content production needs