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TrendSpider is a comprehensive trading software that provides real-time market data, advanced charting, automated analysis, pattern recognition, real-time alerts, scanning, and robust backtesting. It is designed for traders and investors to make better trading decisions.

With TrendSpider, users can consolidate all their research and trading tools into one platform, saving time and money. The software offers professional-grade tools for everyone, with hundreds of institutional-grade features to enhance trading capabilities.

The platform provides real-time data for over 65,000 assets, along with advanced charting and access to hundreds of alternative data sets. Users also have access to live support and free training for immediate assistance when needed.

TrendSpider is suitable for retail traders and powerful enough for institutional investors. It helps streamline trading, improve trading strategies, automate repetitive tasks, refine workflow, enhance accuracy, and find better trading setups faster.

The tool is used by tens of thousands of traders worldwide and has been featured and recognized by various platforms.

In addition to the trading software, TrendSpider offers additional features such as a Chrome Extension for quick access to live charts, an automation tool called SignalStack to connect strategy alerts to brokerage accounts, mobile apps for trading on the go, and a Trader's Bill of Rights SLA for platform stability and reliability.

The platform also provides market data and analytics for US listed securities, ETFs, and ETNs, allowing users to view real-time charts, insider trading, seasonality, and more.


  • Real-time market data
  • Premium charting
  • Automated analysis
  • Pattern recognition
  • Real-time alerts
  • Scanning
  • Robust backtesting
  • Consolidation of research and trading tools
  • Professional-grade tools
  • Access to institutional-grade features
  • Advanced charting
  • Access to alternative data sets
  • Live support
  • Free training
  • Mobile apps
  • Chrome extension
  • Automation tool
  • Market data and analytics

Use Cases

  • Unlock real-time market data
  • Analyze assets and identify opportunities
  • Time trades with precision
  • Refine and improve trading strategies
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Enhance trading workflow
  • Find better trading setups faster
  • Connect strategy alerts to brokerage accounts

Suited For

  • Retail traders
  • Institutional investors


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