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Tiledesk is a tool that helps boost customer engagement through conversational automation. It allows for personalized customer experiences, improved conversion rates, and better customer retention.

Tiledesk offers a Design Studio, AI Knowledge Base, and a community of chatbot builders. It has been recognized for its excellence in conversation automation and is trusted by over 1000 global brands.


  • Rapid deployment of AI-powered conversations across multiple channels
  • Automation of conversations from prototyping to various platforms like Web, Whatsapp, and Facebook
  • Import and export of ready-to-use chatbot templates
  • Automation of customer interactions to save time and boost sales

Use Cases

  • Creating and deploying AI-powered chatbots
  • Automating customer interactions and support
  • Generating leads and promoting special offers

Suited For

  • Businesses looking to automate customer interactions
  • Chatbot builders and developers
  • Brands seeking to improve customer engagement and retention