Arktan logo is an AI-powered tool that aims to ignite creativity by providing users with a range of capabilities, including proofreading and revising texts, generating social media posts, and writing emails. With over 221,327 questions answered, Texti is designed to offer endless possibilities for users to enhance their writing and communication skills.

Features of include a dashboard in your browser, where users can access the various AI capabilities, a text revision function that proofreads and suggests improvements for your written content, a social media post generator that helps create engaging posts for travel corporate or other purposes, an email writing feature that assists in composing effective emails, and a range of other AI tools to unleash creativity. is available for download as a Chrome extension or can be accessed directly on the website.


  • Dashboard in your browser for easy access to AI capabilities
  • Text revision and proofreading
  • Social media post generator
  • Email writing assistance
  • Other AI tools for creativity enhancement

Use Cases

  • Proofreading and revising texts
  • Generating engaging social media posts
  • Assisting in writing effective emails
  • Enhancing creativity in writing

Suited For

  • Students
  • Writers
  • Business professionals
  • Social media enthusiasts


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