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Testim is an automated testing platform that allows you to accelerate test authoring, reduce test maintenance, and release higher-quality web and mobile apps faster.

With AI and ML smart locators, Testim ensures that your tests keep working even as your applications change, helping you eliminate costly maintenance.

Testim also helps you identify and resolve problems by diagnosing failed tests and finding the root cause, enabling you to release faster.

In addition, Testim allows you to scale app quality through TestOps, app and test management, and critical insights.


  • Fast, flexible authoring.
  • Unmatched stability.
  • Efficiency at scale.

Use Cases

  • Automate web and mobile testing with AI.
  • Grow test coverage faster by building high-quality tests without coding.
  • Eliminate costly maintenance with AI-powered smart locators.
  • Identify and resolve problems by diagnosing and troubleshooting failures.
  • Scale app quality through TestOps and critical insights.

Suited For

  • Product development teams.
  • Testers and QA professionals.
  • Software engineers and developers.