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Tavern of Azoth is a collection of generation tools that allows users to create unique characters, creatures, equipment, and merchants. It offers a Workshop to effortlessly generate diverse content, a Compendium with a vast collection of creatures, and AI Game Master-driven Campaigns for guided RPG experiences.


  • Workshop for generating unique and diverse Creatures, Characters, and Merchants
  • Compatibility with popular TTRPGs such as D&D and Pathfinder
  • Seamless integration with AI Driven Campaigns for custom character and creature usage
  • Compendium with over 3,000 creatures and daily new content

Use Cases

  • Creating custom RPG content for campaigns
  • Generating diverse characters, creatures, and equipment for TTRPGs

Suited For

  • Players and game masters of traditional story driven RPGs
  • Enthusiasts looking for diverse and unique content for their TTRPGs