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Tara AI is a tool that helps engineering teams improve their product delivery and maximize their engineering impact, ultimately leading to better customer outcomes. It connects issue tracking and Git source control to provide real-time insights and alerts on delivery, optimize team output, improve visibility into engineering operations, and prioritize initiatives that deliver customer value.


  • Unify and enrich engineering activity with no changes to your teams’ workflows
  • Aggregates and reconciles performance data at the team and project level to uncover insights
  • Provides real-time notifications and visibility into delivery status across the development cycle
  • Ties engineering effort to customer value by viewing impact at the feature and project level

Use Cases

  • Maximizing engineering impact and product delivery
  • Improving visibility and communication within engineering teams
  • Prioritizing initiatives that deliver customer value

Suited For

  • Engineering leaders and their teams
  • Companies looking to improve their engineering efficiency and productivity