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Tabnine is an AI coding assistant that offers impressive code completion functionality and helps boost development productivity, with features such as best-in-class code generation, autocomplete, function suggestions, and code block generation based on natural language comments. It is context-aware, understands and applies coding standards, and offers the option to expand with bespoke models based on your code. Tabnine is fully private and in your control, with strict policy management, fully isolated deployments, and no storage or sharing of code or usage. It works with popular IDEs and supports different use cases such as code generation, testing, refactoring, and more.


  • Best-in-class code generation
  • Autocomplete lines of code
  • Suggests complete functions
  • Generates code blocks based on natural language comments
  • Context-aware and applies coding standards
  • Option to expand with bespoke models based on your code
  • Fully private and in your control
  • Strict policy management
  • Fully isolated deployments
  • No storage or sharing of code or usage
  • Supports popular IDEs

Use Cases

  • Code generation
  • Testing
  • Refactoring
  • Improving existing code
  • Writing docstring

Suited For

  • Individual developers
  • Development teams
  • Enterprises


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