Arktan logo is a platform that enables the transformation of unstructured conversations into structured insights, events, and knowledge through state-of-the-art AI models. It offers purpose-built understanding and generative models, real-time streaming infrastructure, and a full-stack builder experience. provides access to large language models and embeddings fine-tuned for conversation data that can be securely deployed on your cloud. It caters to various use cases, such as support calls, sales calls, and voice applications, and is suitable for AI teams, revenue teams, product teams, and data teams. The platform offers superior accuracy, security, and efficiency for complex reasoning, generative tasks, and data predictions.


  • Real-time streaming infrastructure
  • Purpose-built understanding and generative AI models
  • Full-stack builder experience
  • Access to large language models and embeddings
  • Secure deployment options
  • Superior accuracy and understanding of conversation data
  • Efficiency in training and inference

Use Cases

  • Transforming unstructured conversations into structured insights
  • Capturing real-time events and customer signals for improved forecast accuracy
  • Building intelligent voice applications and automating post-call workflows
  • Uncovering patterns and predictions by combining conversation metadata with other data pipeline

Suited For

  • AI teams
  • Revenue teams
  • Product teams
  • Data teams