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swiftGPT is a native macOS app for ChatGPT, offering a fast and seamless ChatGPT experience on your Mac. It allows you to use your own API key, track conversation costs, and provides a familiar and native chat UI. With swiftGPT, you can access ChatGPT effortlessly and enhance your ChatGPT game.


  • Use your own API key to access ChatGPT on your Mac
  • Monitor total and individual conversation costs to stay on top of your expenses
  • Enjoy a familiar and native chat UI for a seamless experience
  • View the history of conversations and track their costs
  • Switch between light and dark mode for personalized viewing

Use Cases

  • Effortlessly access ChatGPT on your macOS device
  • Track conversation costs to manage expenses
  • Enhance your ChatGPT experience with a native chat UI
  • View conversation history for reference and tracking
  • Personalize your viewing experience with dark mode support

Suited For

  • Mac users who want a fast and seamless ChatGPT experience
  • Users who prefer a familiar and native chat UI
  • Individuals who need to track conversation costs and manage expenses