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Swell AI is a versatile AI-powered tool that helps users repurpose podcasts and videos into various forms of content, including clips, show notes, blog posts, and social media posts. With features like a transcript editor, AI suggestions, speaker labels, and public sharing, Swell AI offers a simple and efficient way to generate and publish content.

The tool also provides integrations for popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Dropbox, making it easy to import and manage multiple podcasts in one dashboard. Users can also utilize the built-in chatbot feature to engage with their audience and create chatbots for each episode.


  • AI-powered content repurposing for podcasts and videos
  • Transcript editor with highlighting and clipping functionality
  • AI suggestions for spicy sections in transcripts
  • Automatic speaker identification and labeling
  • Public sharing of transcripts
  • Integration with popular platforms like Apple Podcasts and YouTube
  • Built-in chatbot for engaging with the audience
  • API access and enterprise-grade security for enterprise users

Use Cases

  • Repurposing podcasts and videos into clips and other forms of content
  • Creating show notes, blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts from podcast episodes
  • Engaging with the audience through the chatbot feature
  • Managing and organizing multiple podcasts in one dashboard

Suited For

  • Podcasters
  • Video creators
  • Content creators
  • Digital marketers