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Superflow Rewrite is a website annotation tool designed to streamline website development and collaboration for teams. It allows users to easily comment and collaborate directly on websites, eliminating the need for scattered communication and speeding up the iterative process. With features like task management, arrow tool, highlight comments, and more, Superflow Rewrite combines the powers of multiple tools into one cohesive platform. It is optimized for mobile devices and all browsers, works across all web building platforms, and offers integrations with popular task management apps like Asana, Clickup,, and Slack. Superflow Rewrite is suitable for designers, developers, product managers, marketers, and other individuals involved in website development and collaboration.

It features AI auto-categorization for accurate comments, robust arrow tool for precise annotations, search and filter comments for easy organization, smart notifications to stay updated, and deep link to comments for quick access. It also offers screen recording for additional context, guest mode for easy collaboration without sign-in, private comments for sensitive discussions, and progress tracking to keep projects on track. With Superflow Rewrite, teams can collaborate effortlessly on staging and production websites, saving time consumed by scattered communication and improving efficiency in project workflows.


  • AI Auto Categorization
  • Robust Arrow Tool
  • Search & Filter Comments
  • Smart Notifications
  • Deep Link to Comments
  • Screen Recording
  • Guest Mode
  • Private Comments
  • Progress Tracking

Use Cases

  • Streamline website development and collaboration
  • Receive fast feedback from stakeholders during website design and development
  • Simplify live website annotation and organization of client comments
  • Centralize communication and feedback channels to save time and improve efficiency
  • Enhance collaboration and project workflows

Suited For

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketers
  • Website collaborators