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SupaRes is a one-stop solution for automatic AI image enhancement, providing flawless upscaling, restoration, denoising, fixing, and optimization of images.

With SupaRes, you can easily enhance and manage your visuals using its powerful and intuitive UI, and collaborate with team members on new projects.


  • Super-Resolution: Convert low-quality photos into high-resolution images
  • Face Enhancement: Detect and enhance faces for clear, high-resolution portraits
  • Tone Adjustments: Automatically adjust light, color, and white balance
  • Artifacts Reduction: Remove compression artifacts and restore image quality
  • Low-Light Boost: Amplify visuals in dark or poorly-lit images
  • Noise Removal: Denoise images while preserving original textures and details

Use Cases

  • Web design
  • Real estate
  • Marketing
  • Publishing

Suited For

  • Individuals in web design, real estate, marketing, and publishing industries