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SummerEyes is an integrated, automated tool that allows you to summarize any text on the internet in just one click, helping you cut through the fluff and get to the point faster, turbocharging your productivity.

With SummerEyes, you can reduce 15-minute articles to 30-second highlights, instantly generating powerful and convenient summaries without the need to switch apps or copy-paste.

Implemented as a Chrome extension, SummerEyes is easily installable on any device supporting the extension ecosystem, making AI-powered summaries available at your fingertips.


  • Automatic text summarization
  • Blazingly fast summarization process
  • Convenient one-click integration with major desktop browsers
  • Powerful Natural Language Processing capabilities

Use Cases

  • Summarize long articles or blog posts for quick understanding
  • Skim through company-wide emails or newsletters to get the main points
  • Efficiently process information from various online sources

Suited For

  • Professionals who need to quickly digest large volumes of information
  • Students who need to summarize research papers or academic texts
  • Individuals looking for an efficient way to extract key points from online content


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