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Sudowrite is an AI writing tool that helps writers create novels and screenplays faster and more easily. It offers features such as generating descriptive passages, outlining and writing a novel from start to finish, generating the next 300 words in your voice, expanding scenes, providing feedback, brainstorming ideas, visualizing characters and worldbuilding, and more. Sudowrite is based on GPT-3 and GPT-4 models and is designed to help writers unlock their creativity and improve their writing process.


  • Generate descriptive passages to paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind
  • Outline and write a novel from start to finish
  • Automatically generate the next 300 words in your voice
  • Expand scenes to improve pacing
  • Provide feedback on your writing and suggest areas for improvement
  • Brainstorm ideas for plots, characters, and titles
  • Visualize characters and worldbuilding with generated art
  • Multiple dark modes and distraction-free focus mode

Use Cases

  • Writing novels
  • Writing screenplays
  • Generating descriptive passages
  • Improving pacing in writing
  • Getting feedback on writing
  • Brainstorming ideas for plots, characters, and titles
  • Visualizing characters and worldbuilding

Suited For

  • Writers
  • Authors
  • Screenwriters
  • Creative professionals


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