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Subtxt is an advanced writing tool that combines narrative theory and artificial intelligence to empower writers in creating engaging stories.

Using a unique blend of story-building expertise and a predictive narrative framework, Subtxt's intelligent chatbot companion, Muse, works alongside writers to ensure coherence and direction in their narratives.


  • Intelligent outliner that works with your intuition
  • Predictive narrative framework
  • Chatbot companion, Muse, for guidance and suggestions
  • Tens of thousands of unique narrative structures
  • Contextual writing prompts and example library
  • Deep understanding of narrative theory and techniques

Use Cases

  • Crafting complete and compelling narratives
  • Generating story outlines
  • Getting guidance and suggestions for storytelling
  • Exploring new avenues of creativity in writing

Suited For

  • Fiction writers
  • Screenwriters
  • Novelists
  • Storytellers