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Welcome to StoryWorld! Dive into a world full of imagination, knowledge, and fun! StoryWorld is a revolutionary app for children's stories that will capture the hearts of your children and support parents in their irreplaceable task of reading and storytelling.

In StoryWorld, your children will discover a variety of story types that are tailored to their interests, imagination, and thirst for knowledge. This app is a magical world for reading to children that combines learning, fun, and adventure.

Let your children become the main character of their own adventures with our 'Creative Stories'. Whether they act as a brave dragon hunter, a marine biologist exploring the depths of the ocean, or a secret superhero, you and your child choose the role and setting. These children's stories are also ideal for exciting bedtime stories, igniting the creative fire in your children and making every evening a new exciting journey.

For curious young minds, we offer 'Knowledge Stories'. Here, children can ask all their burning questions, which are then answered through scientifically based but child-friendly stories. This type of storytelling makes even the most complicated topics accessible and fascinating.

In our world of 'Interactive Stories', children have the reins in their hands. They decide how the story progresses, teaching them critical thinking and decision-making.

StoryWorld is more than an app for children's stories. It is a magical place that satisfies the creativity and thirst for knowledge of your children while being entertaining and educational at the same time. Dive into StoryWorld and experience how children's stories come to life in a completely new way!

Use Cases

  • Turning your child into the main character of their own personalized children's story
  • Providing a variety of story types tailored to children's interests
  • Offering interactive stories that allow children to make decisions and think critically

Suited For

  • Parents who want to engage their children in reading and storytelling
  • Children who enjoy imaginative and interactive stories