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Storywizard is an AI-powered tool that creates personalized and engaging educational experiences for children. It offers a platform for teachers to create and track customized reading and writing assignments, and for families to create fully illustrated and editable stories in multiple languages. The tool aims to increase motivation, personalize learning, and provide deep insights for teachers and schools. Storywizard also prioritizes the safety and security of children with advanced content filtering and moderation by experts.


  • AI-powered learning and assessment tools for teachers
  • Customizable reading and writing assignments
  • Fully illustrated and editable story creation in multiple languages
  • Personalized learning experiences based on individual interests and levels
  • Deep, data-driven insights for teachers and schools
  • Advanced content filtering and moderation for child safety

Use Cases

  • Personalized learning in the classroom
  • Building key literacy skills in children
  • Engaging and educational bedtime or anytime stories for children
  • Creating educational materials on topics of interest
  • Developing differentiated learning strategies

Suited For

  • Teachers
  • Parents and families
  • Schools and school districts