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Story Path is an AI-powered tool that helps you generate possible next steps in your stories, novels, and screenplays. It allows you to continue along the path until you find a plot thread that inspires you, helping you overcome writer's block. Additionally, it helps you condense your random story and world ideas into a coherent narrative, enabling you to start writing your new novel faster.


  • Generate branching options for your plot from a brief description
  • Customize and explore different paths
  • Flesh out your ideas and generate fresh plot points
  • Beat writer's block and find inspiration
  • Outline your entire story or specific sections
  • Export your Story Path as a PDF or Word Doc
  • Stay organized with color-coded sequences and paths
  • Companion app available for writing your book

Use Cases

  • Generating next steps in stories, novels, and screenplays
  • Beating writer's block and finding inspiration
  • Condensing random story and world ideas into a coherent narrative
  • Outlining entire stories or specific sections

Suited For

  • Writers of stories, novels, and screenplays
  • Individuals experiencing writer's block
  • Those in need of a tool to help organize and outline their writing projects