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StockGPT is an AI-powered search tool that allows users to search and analyze earnings call transcripts from all SP500 companies, providing valuable insights for financial research.

With features like customizable filters, up-to-date data, and industry research capabilities, StockGPT is designed to simplify and enhance the analysis of companies and markets.


  • Search Transcripts to ask for summaries, analyze company performance, and get specific answers on product updates
  • Customizable Filters to search specific transcripts, across multiple quarters/years, or entire industries/sectors
  • Accurate Data with no hallucinations, ensuring trustworthy information
  • Up-to-date Data with the addition of new transcripts as soon as they are available
  • Industry Research capabilities to gain insights about entire industries

Use Cases

  • Perform financial research and analyze company performance
  • Monitor market trends and changes in industries
  • Stay informed about earnings call updates for SP500 companies

Suited For

  • Investors
  • Financial analysts
  • Researchers
  • Traders


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