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Stepsize AI is a tool that utilizes data from Jira boards or Linear teams to generate insightful reports on product development, providing actionable metrics and charts with AI-generated commentary.

Key features include automated weekly updates based on issue tracker activity, metrics with AI-generated commentary, progress visualization, project-level AI insights, intelligent delivery risk assessment, customizable data channels, robust encryption, and integration with Jira and Linear.


  • Automated weekly updates
  • Metrics with AI-generated commentary
  • Progress visualization
  • Project-level AI insights
  • Intelligent delivery risk assessment
  • Customizable data channels
  • Robust encryption
  • Integration with Jira and Linear

Use Cases

  • Generate comprehensive reports on product development
  • Keep project managers and product owners informed
  • Understand progress and align sprint themes and goals
  • Identify themes and details within epics
  • Proactively avoid delivery risks and keep projects on track

Suited For

  • Project managers
  • Product owners
  • Engineering teams