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Staccato is an AI tool that allows musicians and lyricists to unleash their creativity by turning words into music, extending and finishing songs, and creating lyrics in any style. It helps inspire creativity, overcome writer's block, and learn music and songwriting. With its AI Instrument™ and AI Lyrics features, it offers unlimited songwriting solutions for all types of creators.


  • Turn words into music
  • Extend and finish songs
  • Create lyrics in any style
  • Inspire creativity
  • Overcome writer's block
  • Learn music and songwriting
  • AI Instrument™ for MIDI music generation
  • AI Lyrics for generating lyrics

Use Cases

  • Musicians seeking inspiration and creativity
  • Lyricists looking to overcome writer's block and generate lyrics
  • Educational tool for learning music and songwriting

Suited For

  • Musicians
  • Lyricists
  • Music enthusiasts
  • Creative individuals