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StableCog is a free and open-source AI image generator that allows users to create stunning artwork in just seconds. Using Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky techniques, this tool can generate thousands of different styles to suit any artistic preference. Whether you want to create majestic cats, psychedelic images, violet-toned artwork, or fantasy landscapes, StableCog can bring your imagination to life.

With StableCog, you can describe anything and the AI will generate unique artwork based on your description. Additionally, you can start with an input image and the AI will generate new art based on it. The tool is easy to use and provides a wide range of possibilities to explore your creativity. Best of all, StableCog offers a user-friendly interface and is completely free to try, making it accessible to everyone.


  • Free and open-source AI image generator
  • Uses Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky techniques
  • Generates artwork in seconds
  • Supports multilingual capabilities

Use Cases

  • Creating stunning artwork in various styles
  • Generating unique artwork based on descriptions
  • Producing new art based on input images

Suited For

  • Artists and creatives
  • Designers and illustrators
  • Art enthusiasts