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Spinach is an AI-powered tool that provides project teams with instant meeting notes containing key decisions, action items, and ticket suggestions. It integrates with various tools and platforms to ensure seamless project tracking and collaboration.

Spinach takes comprehensive meeting notes, allowing users to stay fully engaged in discussions instead of worrying about taking notes. It summarizes important decisions and action items, offering customizable meeting note templates for various types of agile meetings. The tool also helps users remember and manage important tasks by turning them into tickets that can be easily integrated with their existing product management tools. Spinach boasts a wide range of integrations, connecting to users' calendars, joining video meetings, and sharing summaries in platforms like Slack and email. It even suggests new tickets based on the meeting discussions.

Spinach offers users the ability to review and edit meeting notes and action items before sharing them. It allows for customization through custom templates, ensuring that everyone receives the necessary information. Ultimately, Spinach saves project teams valuable time by automating note-taking, follow-ups, and board updates.


  • Instant meeting notes in email or Slack
  • Turn any action item into a ticket
  • Customizable meeting note templates
  • Integration with existing tools
  • Free for unlimited meetings and users

Use Cases

  • Automating note-taking during meetings
  • Streamlining task management and ticket creation
  • Enhancing collaboration and project tracking

Suited For

  • Project teams
  • Agile teams
  • Product managers
  • Collaborative teams
  • Remote teams