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Solidly: Streamline Team Communication with AI

SolidlyAI is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance team communication and collaboration. It offers an automated solution that saves teams valuable time by connecting to various communication platforms and ensuring stakeholders are updated on critical activities.


SolidlyAI is a powerful AI-driven platform that transforms the way teams stay informed and synchronized. By intelligently summarizing emails, Slack messages, meeting transcripts, work management software changes, and coding updates, SolidlyAI provides real-time updates and insights without the need for time-consuming meetings or manual information scanning.

Use Cases

  • Automatically updates stakeholders on critical activities
  • Summarizes emails, Slack messages, and meeting transcripts
  • Tracks changes in work management software and coding platforms
  • Replaces daily stand-ups with curated asynchronous updates


  • Daily summaries of workstreams with critical updates
  • Direct chat with Solidly for additional context
  • Replace daily stand-ups with curated asynchronous updates

Suited For

SolidlyAI is well-suited for businesses and teams that want to streamline communication, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and ensure stakeholders are informed about critical activities. It is especially useful for cross-team collaboration and maintaining synchronization across different platforms.