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SnapGPT is an AI-powered chat platform that combines text recognition with friendly chatbot assistance, allowing you to extract text from images, get summaries, advice, and more.

With its advanced OpenAI GPT-3 technology, SnapGPT can answer any questions you have about the extracted text, and it also offers text to image and speech to text capabilities to boost productivity.


  • Image to text extraction
  • Text to image generation
  • Speech to text conversion
  • AI-powered chatbot assistance
  • Prompt customization for unique characters

Use Cases

  • Extracting text from images or documents
  • Getting summaries and advice
  • Converting speech into editable text

Suited For

  • Individuals looking for text recognition capabilities
  • People who want a knowledgeable virtual assistant
  • Those who want to boost productivity with text to image and speech to text features