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Snape is an AI-powered knowledge bot designed to provide rapid answers, streamline internal communication, and enhance collaboration in the workplace. It seamlessly integrates with Slack and other platforms, allowing employees to easily access information and receive personalized chatbot responses. Snape can be trained on your company's content from various sources like Google Driveᵀᴹ and Notion, and it continuously learns and improves its responses over time. With features such as real-time question-answering, analytics, and a user-friendly interface, Snape is a valuable tool for increasing productivity and efficiency in any organization.


  • Personalized chatbot for Slack
  • Integration with multiple platforms (Google Driveᵀᴹ, Notion, etc.)
  • Real-time question-answering
  • Analytics and insights into employee queries
  • Streamlined internal communication
  • Continuous learning and improvement

Use Cases

  • Instantly answering employee questions
  • Accessing information faster
  • Reducing workload
  • Optimizing company communication and workflow

Suited For

  • Organizations of all sizes
  • Teams using Slack or other collaborative platforms
  • Companies seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Employees in need of quick and accurate answers