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Sku Fetch is a powerful tool that retrieves product information from hundreds of suppliers, organizes and structures it, and prepares it for listing on various online marketplaces. It offers features such as data fetching, product listing, batch processing, keyword finder, competition analysis, reviews integration, and more.


  • Data Fetching, Preparation & Listing
  • Expert Item Finder
  • Multiple Templates
  • Keyword Finder
  • Product UPC
  • Competition Finder
  • Reviews Integration
  • Batch/Drafts Processing
  • Open AI Integration
  • Multiple Supplier Support
  • Workspace Management
  • CDN Hosting
  • Virtual Assistant Access
  • Bundles Creation
  • Affiliate Program

Use Cases

  • Online sellers looking for an efficient way to fetch and prepare product data for listing on multiple marketplaces
  • Retailers and wholesalers who need to organize and manage product information from various suppliers
  • Individuals and businesses in need of a tool for batch processing and editing product data
  • E-commerce businesses looking to optimize their product listings and improve their sales performance

Suited For

  • Online Sellers
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • E-commerce Businesses