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Silly Tavern is a user interface that allows you to interact with text generation AIs and chat/roleplay with characters you or the community create. It offers various features like individual and group chats, prompt crafting, mobile support, chat bookmarks, customizable UI, and support for extensions. Silly Tavern is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android, providing an immersive AI experience for interactive chat and role-play.


  • Individual and Group Chats: Chat with individual characters or form a group chat with multiple unique characters at once.
  • Prompt Crafting: Easily steer the chat in any direction with main prompts, NSFW prompts, and Jailbreak prompts.
  • Mobile Support: Access Silly Tavern on your mobile browser by running it on a computer connected to your home WiFi.
  • Chat Bookmarks: Add bookmarks to any point in a chat for easy navigation and to start the chat in a new direction.
  • Customizable UI: Personalize the UI by changing the background, UI colors, chat size, and avatar styles.
  • Extensions: Extend the functionality of Silly Tavern with community and official development team extensions.

Use Cases

  • Interactive Chat: Engage in interactive chat sessions with text generation AIs and create your own characters to chat with.
  • Role-play: Immerse yourself in role-playing scenarios by interacting with simulated characters created by the AI.
  • Creative Writing: Use Silly Tavern as a tool for creative writing by exploring various scenarios and writing styles.
  • Community Interaction: Connect with the community by participating in group chats and sharing your own character creations.

Suited For

  • Role-playing enthusiasts
  • Writers
  • Community members