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Shortwave is an AI executive assistant that helps you stay organized, productive, and save time in managing your emails. With features like AI-powered search, personalized email drafts, instant translations, and AI-generated scheduling emails, Shortwave is designed to streamline your email workflow. It also offers features for organizing your inbox, prioritizing work, and boosting productivity, such as email bundling, delivery schedules, spam filtering, and keyboard shortcuts. Shortwave is trusted by professionals at leading companies and is available on multiple platforms.

Shortwave is an AI executive assistant that revolutionizes email management by providing a range of powerful features. By utilizing AI technology, Shortwave aims to help users save time, stay organized, and boost productivity. The tool offers an impressive set of features tailored to the needs of professionals. With AI-powered search, users can quickly analyze their entire email history to find the information they need in seconds. Shortwave also provides an AI-powered drafting feature called Ghostwriter, which generates personalized email drafts based on the user's unique writing style. The tool also offers high-quality instant translations for multilingual communication, as well as AI-generated scheduling emails to simplify the process of setting up meetings. In terms of organization, Shortwave allows users to group emails into bundles, control mail delivery schedules, and automatically apply labels. It also includes productivity features like turning emails into to-dos, prioritizing work, and managing time with pinning and snoozing threads. Shortwave is available on multiple platforms and has been praised by professionals for its ability to streamline email management and increase productivity.


  • AI-powered search to analyze email history
  • AI-generated personalized email drafts
  • Instant translations for multilingual communication
  • AI-generated scheduling emails
  • Email bundling and delivery schedules
  • Spam filtering and one-click block & unsubscribe
  • Auto-apply labels to specific senders
  • Turn emails into to-dos
  • Prioritize work with drag & drop and notes
  • Manage time with pinning and snoozing threads
  • Markdown support and keyboard shortcuts

Use Cases

  • Efficiently search and retrieve information from your email history
  • Generate personalized email drafts quickly
  • Communicate in multiple languages with instant translations
  • Streamline scheduling and meeting setup
  • Organize and declutter your inbox
  • Boost productivity and prioritize work tasks
  • Eliminate spam and unwanted emails

Suited For

  • Professionals in various industries
  • Individuals who receive a high volume of emails
  • Multilingual communicators
  • Busy professionals looking to streamline email management and boost productivity