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Sharly AI is a powerful tool that allows you to chat with documents and PDFs, offering features such as AI summarization, cross-document analysis, and custom AI behavior. With Sharly AI, you can easily summarize and organize content, extract key citations, and have interactive conversations with your documents, making information retrieval fast and easy. It is suited for professionals and teams in various industries, including research, legal, project management, and content summarization.


  • AI Summarizer: Transform lengthy documents and articles into concise AI summaries.
  • Cross-document analysis: Analyze multiple documents and extract valuable insights.
  • Custom AI Behavior: Craft unique AI personalities that resonate with your goals.
  • Secure Infrastructure: Data encryption, access restrictions, and audit logs ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.
  • AI for Researchers: Streamline academic research and enhance literature review and data integration.
  • AI for Legal: Fast and accurate insights for legal document management and compliance.
  • AI for Project Management: Quick access to critical information across project documents.
  • AI for Summarization: Swiftly distill essential information from various formats.

Use Cases

  • Summarize long documents and simplify complex PDFs
  • Extract key citations from sources
  • Have interactive conversations with documents and PDFs
  • Streamline academic research and enhance literature review
  • Review legal documents and ensure compliance
  • Streamline project management and access critical information

Suited For

  • Professionals and teams in various industries
  • Researchers in academia and R&D
  • Legal professionals
  • Project managers
  • Individuals overwhelmed by lengthy documents


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