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Elevate Your Concert Experience with Setlist Predictor

Introducing Setlist Predictor, the ultimate tool for concert-goers. With AI-generated setlist predictions and Spotify playlists, you'll never miss a beat at your favorite shows again.

Use Cases

  • Concert Preparation: Setlist Predictor assists you in getting ready for upcoming concerts by providing accurate setlist predictions.
  • Playlist Creation: Discover new music and enjoy your favorite artist's songs with curated Spotify playlists.


  1. AI Setlist Predictions: Get accurate predictions of an artist's setlist based on the latest available data.
  2. Spotify Playlist: Enjoy an equivalent Spotify playlist featuring the songs likely to be played at the concert.
  3. Concert Insights: Explore insights about an artist's most performed songs, popular albums, and fan favorites.

Suited For

Setlist Predictor is a must-have tool for concert enthusiasts and music lovers alike:

  • Concert Enthusiasts: Prepare for your favorite artist's live show and enjoy every moment of their performance.
  • Music Explorers: Discover new tracks and expand your musical horizons with the curated Spotify playlist.
  • Curious Fans: Gain insights into an artist's setlist trends and explore their most played songs.