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SEO GPT is a free tool that utilizes live-web data to generate keyword-optimized, high-quality content. Developed from 20 years of SEO and marketing experience, it offers a wide range of content types and helps users create natural and easy-to-read content.

With over 25,000 users, SEO GPT guarantees original content that can pass AI detection. It is not only connected to SEO Vendor's CORE AI technology but also offers a user-friendly interface. SEO GPT is different from ChatGPT and Auto SEO GPT in terms of its capabilities and features. Additionally, it provides various content types, and there is a manual available for all the content types in the tool.


  • Generates unique and keyword-optimized content
  • Utilizes live-web data
  • Natural and easy-to-read writing style
  • Developed from 20 years of SEO and marketing experience
  • Free to use

Use Cases

  • Creating keyword-optimized blog posts and articles
  • Generating compelling titles and descriptions for web pages
  • Writing natural and engaging social media posts

Suited For

  • Website owners and administrators
  • Content creators and copywriters
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • SEO professionals