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Semiform is a tool that allows respondents to type their answers in natural language instead of filling out complex forms, resulting in higher response rates and happier users.

It uses an AI agent to parse users' natural language responses into structured data, and it can even ask follow-up questions if necessary. Users can fill out forms right in their email inbox, without needing to click a link, and Semiform provides automatic AI-powered result summaries. It also has the feature of custom result queries, allowing users to ask questions about their results and receive intelligent responses.


  • Natural language parsing
  • Email responses
  • Automatic result summaries
  • Custom result queries

Use Cases

  • Replacing complex forms with easier and more user-friendly interaction
  • Improving response rates for surveys or data collection
  • Simplifying the process of filling out forms in the email inbox

Suited For

  • Individuals or businesses looking to collect data or gather survey responses
  • Companies wanting to improve user experience with forms and surveys