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Enhance Your Coding Experience with Scribe AI AI Tool for Visual Studio CodeScribe AI is a powerful extension for Visual Studio Code that seamlessly integrates ChatGPT & GPT AI capabilities to revolutionize your coding process. This tool acts as your AI programming assistant, enabling you to interact with AI to comprehend complex code, improve code quality, and even generate code comments. With features like AI-powered assistance and code modification, Scribe AI brings a new level of efficiency and innovation to your coding endeavors.

Use Cases

  • Code Comprehension - Developers seeking help to understand complex code segments.
  • Code Enhancement - Professionals looking to improve and optimize their code.
  • Code Comment Generation - Coders aiming to generate comments for their code automatically.


  1. AI-Powered Assistance - Leverage AI to understand and discuss your code.
  2. Code Modification - Instruct AI to refactor, modify, or rewrite your code.
  3. Conversation History - Store and revisit your AI interactions as notes.
  4. Markdown Support - Formatted AI responses for better readability.

Suited For

The Scribe AI AI tool is ideal for:

  • Developers - Developers of all levels looking for AI-powered coding assistance.
  • Programmers - Programmers seeking to enhance code quality and efficiency.
  • Coders - Coders wanting to generate code comments with ease.