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Sana Labs is an AI company based in Stockholm, Sweden that develops products to revolutionize the way organizations learn and access knowledge. With their AI assistant and learning platform, Sana Labs offers collaborative authoring, automated learning management system (LMS), virtual classrooms, semantic search, chatbot, meeting transcription, and actions automation to streamline and optimize the learning process. Sana Labs' AI assistant is trained on your company's knowledge, providing instant and accurate answers to any question or idea. It also offers meeting transcription for easy identification and sharing of action items. With Sana Labs, organizations can unlock their knowledge potential and create a transformative learning experience.


  • Collaborative authoring
  • Automated LMS
  • Virtual classroom
  • Integrated LXP
  • Semantic search
  • Chatbot
  • Meeting transcription
  • Actions automation

Use Cases

  • Building self-paced courses and conducting live group sessions
  • Managing, analyzing, and scaling learning initiatives
  • Hosting interactive training sessions
  • Upskilling learners with multiple content providers
  • Finding specific information quickly
  • Getting answers to company-specific questions
  • Identifying action items and sharing meeting summaries
  • Automating repetitive tasks

Suited For

  • Organizations seeking to enhance their learning and knowledge access capabilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Training and development departments
  • HR departments
  • Companies looking to streamline their learning processes and improve employee development


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