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Salient is a tool that redefines how consumer lenders interface with their customers, providing a better customer experience at a fraction of the price.

It allows you to automate customer interactions across various channels, process payments securely, capture insights in real time, and is designed to be safe and simple to use.


  • Automate customer interactions across voice, 2-way texting, email, and webchat.
  • Collect and process payments securely.
  • Live transcription, summarization, and synthesis for real-time insights.
  • Secure on-prem deployment.
  • Easy 1-click setup.

Use Cases

  • Consumer lenders looking to improve the customer experience while reducing costs.
  • Companies that want to automate customer interactions and process payments.
  • Organizations that need real-time insights from customer interactions.

Suited For

  • Consumer lenders
  • Financial institutions
  • Customer service organizations