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Salespitch is an AI-powered tool that can generate personalized cold emails to help increase sales. It automates the process of researching, writing, and sending sales emails, allowing users to save time and effort. With Salespitch, users can create campaigns, import prospects, and activate the AI to generate and send personalized emails. The tool can write up to 500 emails in an hour and is designed to sound natural, like they were written by a real person. Personalized emails are more effective and are less likely to be filtered as spam.

Salespitch is suited for sales professionals, marketers, SaaS companies, marketing agencies, recruitment professionals, and other individuals or teams who want to streamline their email outreach and improve their sales performance.


  • AI-powered email campaign automation
  • Personalized email generation
  • Fast and efficient email writing
  • Integrated with current sales systems
  • Avoids spam filters
  • Can write up to 500 emails in an hour

Use Cases

  • Boosting sales through personalized email outreach
  • Generating backlinks through outreach campaigns
  • Delivering personalized pitches for SaaS prospecting
  • Attracting new clients for various types of business
  • Connecting candidates with hiring managers through AI-powered outreach

Suited For

  • Sales professionals
  • Marketers
  • SaaS companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Recruitment professionals