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Sales Stack is a suite of AI-powered sales communication apps that aim to help users have more effective conversations with clients and increase revenue. The tool uses AI to create personalized messages, provide conversation logs, and adapt communication based on context and sequence. Sales Stack also prioritizes privacy and security, encrypting all communication end-to-end.


  • Lead Engager to start and continue personalized conversations on LinkedIn and convert them into revenue
  • Pro Emailer to read and reply to important emails quickly and achieve inbox zero daily
  • Audience Engager to write posts that educate prospects and establish industry expertise
  • Pro Caller to remember important details from phone conversations for future reference
  • AI continuity between Stack apps to create smooth communication flows
  • CRM integration and team-wide mode fine-tuning in the Pro plan
  • Customized AI training workshops, dedicated manager, and secure API access in the Enterprise plan

Use Cases

  • Starting and continuing conversations with personalized messages on LinkedIn
  • Managing and responding to important emails efficiently
  • Creating engaging posts to educate and attract prospects
  • Recalling important details from phone conversations
  • Improving overall sales communication flow and effectiveness

Suited For

  • Solo-preneurs
  • Sales reps
  • Small businesses
  • Enterprises


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