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Rocket AI is an AI-powered tool that helps you generate visuals and copy that perfectly capture your unique brand style, leading to increased sales and conversion for your e-commerce store. With Rocket AI, you can easily create high-quality product photoshoots with different backgrounds, generate hundreds of product designs based on your product images, and even create tailored Instagram ads and social media posts. The tool uses your eCommerce data to train AI agents that can create ads, product images, descriptions, and copy for your online store.

Rocket AI offers different pricing plans that include multiple AI agents, AI design studios, and the generation of AI images and prompt assists. It also provides priority support and access to new features for higher-tier plans. If you are looking for a custom solution, Rocket AI offers the option to get in touch with their team. Rocket AI is powered by Vercel, Replicate, and AWS.


  • Generate high-quality photoshoots of products with different backgrounds
  • Create hundreds of product designs using AI
  • Generate tailored Instagram ads and social media posts
  • Train AI agents based on your eCommerce data

Use Cases

  • Enhance the visual appeal of your e-commerce store
  • Boost sales and conversion with engaging visuals and copy
  • Save time and effort in creating product shoots and designs
  • Improve your social media presence with AI-generated ads and posts

Suited For

  • E-commerce store owners
  • Digital marketers
  • Brands looking to enhance their visual identity