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Roboflow is a comprehensive tool that provides all the necessary features for building and deploying computer vision models.

With over 250,000 engineers using Roboflow, it offers solutions for creating datasets, training models, and deploying to production.


  • Search, curate, and manage visual data
  • Bring images and video from various sources
  • Filter, tag, segment, preprocess, and augment image data
  • Track multiple versions of datasets for experimentation
  • Use text-based semantic search and CLIP vectors to find similar data and anomalies
  • Use pre-trained models and fine-tune them with your data
  • Automate labeling with zero-shot generalization
  • Deploy models via hosted API or at the edge
  • Integration with various training frameworks and deployment platforms

Use Cases

  • Creating and managing datasets for computer vision projects
  • Training and fine-tuning computer vision models
  • Deploying models at scale
  • Automating and customizing the computer vision pipeline

Suited For

  • Engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Computer vision researchers