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RingleDingle lets you create greeting cards with custom illustrations and personalized songs, without requiring any artistic ability.

With RingleDingle, you can customize your cards with AI-generated images and personalized poems, and include a scannable QR code that reveals an e-card complete with a melodious song.

It's a perfect blend of traditional greeting cards and modern technology, allowing you to send a unique and delightful gift that will bring joy to your loved ones.


  • Create custom greeting cards with personalized songs and illustrations
  • AI-generated images and personalized poems
  • Scannable QR code for e-card with a melodious song

Use Cases

  • Create personalized greeting cards for special occasions
  • Send unique and delightful gifts to loved ones

Suited For

  • Individuals who want to create personalized greeting cards without artistic ability
  • People who want to send unique and delightful gifts to their loved ones