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Revoicer is an AI text to speech tool that generates human-sounding voices in multiple languages and accents, with the ability to add emotions to the voice tone.

It offers over 80 AI voices to choose from, supports 40+ languages, and allows you to customize voice type, pitch, and speed. Revoicer is perfect for marketers, teachers, authors, customer support, product developers, and podcasters, offering a scalable, time-saving, and cost-efficient alternative to traditional voiceovers.


  • Over 80 AI voices in multiple languages
  • Customizable voice type, pitch, and speed
  • Ability to add emotions to the voice tone
  • Supports 40+ languages and accents
  • Emphasize specific words and add pauses
  • Compatible with all video editing software

Use Cases

  • Marketers can test different voices for each project and find the highest converting version
  • Teachers can convert lessons into engaging audio or video content
  • Authors can transform their books into audio books
  • Customer support can enhance the experience with human-sounding voiceovers
  • Product developers can create demo and help videos with ease
  • Podcasters can generate voiceovers for their episodes

Suited For

  • Marketers
  • Teachers
  • Authors
  • Customer support
  • Product developers
  • Podcasters