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Research Studio is an AI-powered research analysis tool that helps UX, Marketing, and Product professionals transform their data into actionable insights. With features like summarization, AI chat, competitor analysis, sentiment analysis, and report generation, it provides comprehensive research analysis in a quick and efficient manner.


  • Drag & Drop: Easily upload research files and let the AI model handle the analysis.
  • Summarisation: Generate summaries of multiple documents to save time and effort.
  • AI Chat: Have natural conversations with your research data to get insights.
  • Competitors: Automatically generate a list of direct competitors for your business.
  • Sentiment: Understand user feedback by analyzing the overall sentiment and exploring detailed statements and impressions.
  • Full Report: View and export comprehensive research reports in your preferred formats.

Use Cases

  • UX research analysis
  • Marketing research analysis
  • Product research analysis

Suited For

  • UX professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Product professionals


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