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Rangeen: Discover Vibrant Color Palettes for Your Projects

Introducing Rangeen, your go-to AI tool for crafting stunning color palettes that infuse life and vibrancy into your projects. Unveil the world of colors that express your creativity with Rangeen's unique capabilities.


Rangeen is your ultimate companion for generating captivating color palettes that add depth and vibrancy to your creative projects. Dive into a world of colors with Rangeen's innovative features and take your designs to new heights.

Use Cases

  • Colorful Creations: Add life to your designs, illustrations, and artworks by exploring a plethora of colorful and vibrant palettes.
  • Accessible Design: Craft color schemes that consider accessibility, making your designs visually appealing to a wider audience.
  • Inspired Projects: Infuse your projects with the energy of joyful and dynamic colors, sparking creativity and leaving a lasting impact.


  • Randomized Palettes: Generate endless color palettes effortlessly with Rangeen's innovative AI algorithms.
  • Palette Export: Save, view, and export your palettes in various formats including HEX, RGB, SVG, and more.
  • Accessibility Focus: Design colors that consider different types of color vision deficiencies to ensure inclusivity.

Suited For

Rangeen is ideal for designers, artists, illustrators, and anyone seeking to infuse their projects with a burst of vibrant and joyful colors. Whether you're crafting artworks, illustrations, or designs, Rangeen helps you explore an array of captivating palettes.