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Quicklines is an AI-powered cold outreach assistant that helps users scale their cold email campaigns by providing in-depth social scraping and natural language first-line writing. With features like personalized info scraping from LinkedIn and AI-powered first lines, Quicklines aims to help users get more replies and fill their sales pipeline. The tool is 40x faster and 6x cheaper than human assistants, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for cold outreach.


  • Scrape Personalized Info from LinkedIn: Quicklines pulls data from your prospect's LinkedIn account to find relevant and accurate information for personalized outreach.
  • AI Powered First Lines: Quicklines uses proprietary AI to write natural, authentic first lines for your cold emails, increasing the chances of getting replies and filling your sales pipeline.
  • More Replies and Interested Leads: Quicklines has helped over 1,000 businesses generate interested leads from their cold outreach campaigns, resulting in 400% more replies.
  • Lifetime Access and Cost Savings: With a one-time payment of $59, users get lifetime access to Quicklines and can save money by using the tool instead of hiring virtual assistants.

Use Cases

  • Scaling Cold Email Campaigns: Quicklines helps users scale their cold email campaigns by providing efficient and personalized first lines for outreach.
  • Generating More Replies: By using AI-powered first lines, Quicklines increases the chances of getting more positive replies from cold outreach recipients.
  • Saving Time and Money: Quicklines saves users time by automating the process of writing personalized first lines. It also saves money by providing a cost-effective alternative to hiring virtual assistants.

Suited For

  • Sales Professionals: Quicklines is suited for sales professionals who want to scale their cold outreach efforts and increase their chances of getting more positive replies from prospects.
  • Business Owners: Quicklines can benefit business owners who want to generate interested leads and fill their sales pipeline through personalized cold email campaigns.
  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: Quicklines is a valuable tool for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to streamline their cold outreach process and save time by automating the creation of personalized first lines.


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