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Questgen is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate quizzes from any text in one click. It provides an authoring tool to generate various kinds of assessments like Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True/False Questions, Fill-in-the-blanks, Higher-Order Questions, Bloom's taxonomy quizzes, etc.

Users can enter any text, choose the type of quiz questions to be generated, and click submit. The tool then generates the quiz questions which can be edited and exported in multiple formats like text, PDF, CSV, JSON, etc.


  • Generate quizzes from any text in one click using AI
  • Supports high-volume quiz generation
  • Authoring tool for creating various types of assessments
  • Multiple export formats available

Use Cases

  • Teachers and Schools can easily create worksheets in seconds
  • HR Teams can generate assessments from compliance documents
  • Publishers and Edtech Companies can save time and cost on assessment creation

Suited For

  • Teachers
  • HR Teams
  • Publishers and Edtech Companies


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