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Pump: Automating Cloud Savings with AI & Group Buying

Discover the power of Pump – an AI-driven solution that leverages group buying and automation to achieve up to 60% savings on your AWS bills without any engineering input. Say goodbye to manual cost optimization with Pump!

Use Cases

  • Cost Optimization:Achieve up to 60% savings on AWS bills.
  • Automated Management:Utilize AI to automate cloud savings.
  • Group Buying Advantage:Access discounts available to large companies.


  • AI-driven Savings:Leverage AI algorithms for dynamic cost optimization.
  • Group Buying Integration:Benefit from collective group buying power.
  • Secure Operations:Operate at billing layer level with minimal permissions.

Suited For

  • Cloud Managers:Automate cloud cost optimization.
  • Startups:Achieve significant cost savings without extra efforts.
  • Enterprise:Benefit from group buying and AI-driven savings.