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Public Prompts is a collection of public, free, high-quality prompts, models, and embeddings for various creative projects, such as cute stuffed animals, needle felted objects, silhouette wallpapers, 3D characters, comic art, and more.

This site aims to provide public tools and knowledge to everyone, without the need to purchase expensive prompts from other platforms. The creator of Public Prompts constantly updates the site with new prompts, models, and embeddings to keep the collection diverse and expanding.


  • Wide variety of prompts for creative projects
  • Models and embeddings for different purposes
  • Regular updates with new content

Use Cases

  • Using pre-made prompts for creative projects
  • Finding inspiration for art and design
  • Accessing public models and embeddings for AI and machine learning projects

Suited For

  • Artists and designers
  • AI and machine learning enthusiasts
  • Anyone in need of creative prompts and models