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PromptLayer is a platform designed for prompt engineering, allowing users to visually manage prompts, evaluate models, log LLM requests, search usage history, and collaborate as a team.


  • Prompt versioning
  • Evaluation
  • Logging
  • Monitor usage
  • Visually explore logs
  • Understand customer usage
  • Advanced search
  • Compliance
  • Version prompts
  • Clean up your repo
  • Deploy new prompts
  • No-code iteration
  • Compare versions
  • Evaluate results
  • One-off bulk jobs
  • Compare models
  • Score prompts
  • Regression tests
  • Track analytics
  • Cost, latency stats
  • Latency trends
  • Malicious users
  • Integrations

Use Cases

  • Visually managing and deploying prompts
  • Testing prompts against usage history
  • Logging LLM requests
  • Monitoring API usage, cost, and latency
  • Organizing and iterating prompt versions
  • Enabling non-technical teams to edit prompts directly
  • Comparing prompt versions and metrics
  • Evaluating prompts with human and AI graders
  • Running prompt pipelines against batches of test inputs
  • Analyzing LLM application usage and trends
  • Identifying abusive users

Suited For

  • Product and engineering teams working on prompt engineering
  • Companies utilizing LLMs in their applications